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For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from migraines. Thankfully, those feelings are now days of the past after connecting with the team at Baked DC!

Prior to my first visit, I tried many different Initiative 71 providers in the D.C. area without feeling the same level of professionalism and safety that I felt with Baked DC. They were especially helpful in talking me through the different strands, the benefits and feelings to expect, and the ones that would provide me the most relief for my pain. I’m so glad that I found Baked DC! I don’t know where I would be without them and I’m always looking forward to my next gift.

Baked DC quickly became my go to for top-quality flower that is 100% cream of the crop.

Hi guys! I definitely want to leave you guys the amazing review you deserve! I’ve been all over southern Cali and to Colorado and you guys have better service, great quality and those pens & butter were phenomenal, everything I’ve gotten from you has been honestly. There’s nobody I’m coming to except y’all from now on, thanks again for everything! I’ll definitely be in touch(:

-Haley P.

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Baked DC checks all the boxes for me when I’m looking for DC’s finest — convenience, high quality, and variety.

This (Baked DC) is my go to service. Not only is it super professional but they do a great job of making you feel comfortable. The atmosphere always feels very upscale and the associates are so knowledgeable about all the products. And as far as the product itself goes it’s always high quality and packaged beautifully. 5 stars all around! - Diane C.

I found that the balance at Baked DC was one unparalleled by the other shops in the area.

I’ve been going to BakedDC since I found them on GT a few months back and had one negative experience (one of the carts I was gifted was leaking) and they quickly took care of it very hassle free. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The prices are about the same but the service and product quality are exceptional. There’s only been a couple times where what I wanted was out of stock but I was offered a similar replacement I was more than happy with. - Dan C.


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